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It's painful to see someone you love addicted to drugs or alcohol. You want to help them any way you can. The problem is that addicts often can’t see the harm that their addiction is causing. Addiction is a disease that can leave someone oblivious to problems. Addiction literally changes someone’s mind. It affects a person both mentally and physically. They think they cannot function without their addiction present. That leads them to drastic measures, including (in some cases) criminal behavior. An addict gets to the point where the addiction is more important than jobs, family or friends.

If someone you know is in this position, an intervention may be the first step toward getting them help. An intervention is a well-organized meeting meant to urge the addict to get help immediately or face consequences. You will likely need help from a qualified interventionist. That person can help organize the meeting with the addict. You will also need to meet with other loved ones to discuss the intervention and how to best carry it out. Interventions are not always easy, but they are worth it when you know there is no other way. Your loved one is worth it, and so are you and your family.

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